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All our programmes and services are tailored to match your specific requirements and are effectively designed to fit in with your particular needs.

"J K Connect Consulting always provides real choice and real value."

J K Connect Consulting's variety of services include :

Programmes for ORGANISATIONS

Specialised Programmes

- Leadership ‘STEP’ ahead

- Workforce Development ‘BOOST’

- Personal Effectiveness ‘STAR’

- Customer Care ‘FOCUS’

- Retail ‘GIFT’

- Hotel, Hospitality and Leisure ‘Q’

- Care Sector ‘ASSIST’

- Stress and Time Management

- Redundancy Support

- Recruitment, Selection, Interview

Current Workshops and Courses

- Effective Time Management

- Recruitment, Selection, Interview

- Understanding Staff Behaviour

- Understanding Customers

- Dealing with Conflict

- Managing Difficult People

- Customer Care Skills

- Problem Solving

- Decision Making Skills

- Stress and Work-Life Management

- Motivation and Team Building

- Confidence Building

- Presentation Skills

- Communication Skills

- Positive Thinking and Approaches

- Personal Effectiveness

- Assertiveness Masterclass

Additional Services

- Staff Coaching

- Management Mentoring

- Recruitment and Interview Support

- Consultancy Services and Auditing

Programmes for INDIVIDUALS

- Confidence and People Skills

- Understanding Behaviour

- Dealing with Conflict

- Communication Skills

- Presentation Skills

- Positive Thinking and Approaches

- Personal Effectiveness

- Assertiveness Masterclass

- Problem Solving Skills

- Effective Time Management

- Stress Management

- Work-life Balance

- Motivation and Goal Setting

- Exploring Career and Job Options

- Skills Analysis

- Assessing Personal Values

- Career Mapping

- Completing Winning Applications

- Professional CV Development

- Covering and Speculative Letters

- Preparing for Interview

- Comprehensive Interview Skills

- Common Questions and Answers

- Presentation and Confidence Skills

Programmes for FUNDED PROJECTS

- Return to Work Programme

- Work Ready Programme

- Work Focussed Career Guidance

- Work Start Training

- Into Retail Programme

- Redundancy Support Programme